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She is forgetful, confuses dates and events, and at that is hot-tempered and indomitable temperament.Leo man would want to cut her down to size, but Aries woman sees any opposition no other way than as an attack on her freedom: She would not give up without a fight, and would quickly take the defense.The love of an Aries male will warm you with passion one minute and the very next minute, you may feel as if you are sitting in the North Pole.Don't ever be rude to him, he will be very hurt and will turn into the coldest person on this earth.An Aries guy will always remain young at heart, even when he gets 90 years old. He is one of those who always move ahead of others, boldly and confidently. Full of compassion, he always tries to cheer the people around him.However, just like a baby, he can get very irritated, inconsiderate and difficult when his needs are not met or get delayed for too long. When an Aries male falls in love, he becomes extremely dedicated towards it.Just be sure and give him the space (time) he needs to return each volley before slamming another ball right at him. That’s just about the time you become convinced she’s a barbarian.But, if anyone can keep an Aries on track, it’s a Libra.

Romance with him will be like a roller coaster ride, where you will not get even a single moment to think and brood.

Famous Aries-Gemini Couples: Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening This bold and ballsy pair will play, “Liar, liar pants on fire!

” Gemini is the liar and guess whose pants are on fire?

If this happens, there’s little chance the relationship will endure because the ram will get mad and want to have it out, while Libra will do his famous duck and avoid, suddenly demanding that everything be civil and “decent” — no raised voices or grand scenes.

Rams aren’t capable of such diplomatic manouvering in their personal lives.

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