Are sedating antihistamines addictive

Several H1-blockers are currently available many of which are over-the-counter drugs.Antihistamines are generally divided into first-generation and second-generation drugs.But we continue to hear from some consumers who say the medications make their misery worse when they stop taking them – leaving them dependent on the medication.“I have been taking Zyrtec for about six years and my doctor wants me to stop some of my meds,” Patrick, of Mt. “But when I quit Zyrtec, a couple of days later, I started itching and the itching became unbearable.It's all over from my head to my feet and I have a sort of numbness and tingling in my hands.

On one occasion this person needed to be hospitilized with a allergic reaction of unknown origin and the hydroxazine and diphenhydramine drips barely helped at all.

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Antihistamines are those drugs that block the H1 histamine receptors and not the other histamine receptors like H2, H3 and H4. These drugs act by block the histamine-induced responses in allergic reactions.

It is the most widely used allergy medicine for most of the common allergic diseases.

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