Ios 6 mail badge not updating

i OS 10 launched on 13 September 2016, bringing with it a number of new additions and refinements; since then Apple has launched a series of smaller upgrades with patches and minor new features.

We discuss the methods used to achieve this in our article How to remove i OS 10 and go back to i OS 9, but they are dependent on Apple still 'signing' the old version...

To unlock it without being taken to the Home screen, rest your finger on the button until the padlock icon in the i OS status bar animates with an “Unlocked” message and “Press Home to open” appears at the bottom.

This lets you see private information in widgets or access features you disallowed on a locked device, like Siri and the Notification Center.

Apple has opened up additional aspects of i OS to developers, turning Siri, Phone, Messages and Maps into extensible software platforms in their own right.

It also fixes a number of pain points, makes expanded use of 3D Touch and haptic feedback and completes Apple’s overhaul of i OS, that began with i OS 7, with its refined look and subtle design changes.

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However, App Store has been criticized for a lackluster development environment, prompting the company in June 2016 to announce a "renewed focus and energy" on the store.

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