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Our YAD Leadership Council is structured into core teams serving the following principles: We are currently looking for volunteers to get involved.Our council meets every 4-8 weeks, depending on the project or initiative. Getting involved with the Jewish Central Mass Young Adult Division Council means: Outreach Outreach addresses acting as ambassadors of the Young Adult Division, creating programs to welcome and reach out to newcomers to the Central Mass community.Activities on offer include daily discussions, cookery classes, Chicago bridge, day trips and daily entertainers.There is also a special leadership training programme for people who want to give something back to the community.Barbra Streisand, who directed and starred in that film, has incorporated many Yiddish words in her other films as well.

Philanthropy Philanthropy helps to educate young adults about the mission of the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts and its Annual Campaign and how it impacts our community here, in Israel, and throughout the world.

Mickey Katz, who achieved nationwide fame, made a career out of writing and performing half-English, half-Yiddish parodies of popular American songs. in show biz—shtik Sabbath—Shabes small piece—shtikl set speech/pitch—shpil side curls worn by Hasidic men—payes steam bath—shvits synagogue—shul something worthless—bopkes TERMS RELATED TO FOOD appetizer—forshpayz bowlful—shisl chicken/turkey drum stik—polke chicken/turkey wing—fligl dairy products—milkhik dumplings—kreplakh kneydl—matzo ball (winning word in 2014 National Spelling Bee with different spelling) plural—kneydlakh meat products—fleyshik measuring ingredients by throwing in what feels right, like grandma or bobe—shit arayn nasheray—snack food potatoes—bulbes potato pancakes—latkes pudding—kugl spread applied to a bagel—a shmir tasty—batamt, geshmak unkosher—treyf EXPRESSIONS as long as you are healthy—abi gezunt ass backwards—moyshe kapoyer be quiet! beyond help—es vet gornisht helfn the boondocks—ek velt Could never happen—In a nekhtiker tog Don’t tempt the evil eye—keyn eynhore enough already!

His many comedy albums introduced Yiddish expressions to thousands of Jewish families. The single literary source that is credited for being most responsible for popularizing Yiddish for the baby boomer generation is Leo Rosten’s book, magazine, comedian Jackie Mason, and comedians/film makers Woody Allen and Mel Brooks. —genug shoyn go do whatever you like (and leave me alone)—gey gezunterheyt go talk to the wall!

A congregation where families and individuals experience the sense of Jewish belonging that comes from shared worship, religious instruction, Tikkun Olam, and social events at a location not too far from home.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First day of Religious School. We will celebrate with a barbeque at pm for students and parents.

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