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"'J-Bobby leaves Audrina empty handed at a beach party.' And then they’d show me the clip and she's holding the helmet crying.

Justin's tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship with Audrina Patridge became a main storyline on the reality show -- but according to the hairstylist, the two were in a serious relationship. Beyond most we became really, really good close friends." "We were just supportive of each other at a time where something like that, you don’t really have the most support," he continues.In fact, I think that Justin Bobby was trying to warn us of this all along: Truer words, my friend., the 19-year-old actress got candid about her sexuality, after casually coming out as bisexual last year."I've done other stuff with girls, but I really want to actually date a girl," she said, surmising that "maybe girls just don't like me."Then again, maybe Thorne just has a tough time reading women."I can't tell if a girl is hitting on me or she just wants to be friends," she continued.Justin recalls being asked to film some motorcycle scenes for the show, but was then convinced to attend a party that was going on at the same time.He stopped by just to say hi, but when the episode aired it gave a whole different portrayal of events.

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"We were dating, and then he filmed with me [the] first season that never aired," she explained. He came to my very first apartment -- I think it was before I even met Heidi [Montag] and Lauren [Conrad], really -- and we filmed doing my hair or something." "And then we didn't really talk until third season, we started hanging out again and he was kind of entertaining the idea of filming," she continued.

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