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He has dropped from a size 20 dress to a men’s small shirt after joining a slimmers’ group and eating healthily.Now he is living as a man and waiting for his first appointment that will lead to a gender swap operation.The new option is found next to the original Face Swap filter, but the icon is purpose, not yellow.Jai, 23, found the confidence to make the change after shedding weight.Snapchat’s face-swapping feature has led to it apps that offer similar features to spread across social networks, leading to people face-swapping the queen and ancient statues.Now people will be able to do that without having to actually take the picture.

Take this Face Swap of the Queen with Prince George, for instance.

The author, who was interviewed on BBC2’s Newsnight on Wednesday, said she did not consider her comments to be offensive.

She said: ‘There are lots of transgender people for whom this is a really serious business, but there is also a sort of undertow of frivolous people, who for the sake of fashion or what is going on or for the clothes or whatever, want to be the other gender.

Snapchat is now letting anyone face-swap with pictures in their camera roll, changing a feature that had already taken over every social network.

The new feature allows people to swap their faces onto someone else’s body, or vice versa, without having to stand next to them and awkwardly fit two people into the frame.

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