What is pdt identity token for validating orders

Step 1: Activate Payment Data Transfer (PDT) within your Pay Pal Account Properly To use PDT, you must activate PDT and Auto Return in your Pay Pal account profile. Log in to your Pay Pal account so you can get this list of HTML Variables for Website Payments Standard.You must also acquire a PDT identity token, which is used in all PDT communication you send to Pay Pal. Modify your identity token and your Google Analytics UA number and you should be good to go with the above code. Curiously, we are working on a Pay Pal to Google Analytics Tracker Wizard that does the bulk of this coding for you.Paypal[transaction]Payment Zone Enable this payment module globally or limit it to customers shipping to the selected zone only.

As you may know, when Ecommerce analytics work you can see things like: When you have data like this, it helps in making decisions about pricing, product lines, shipping, locations to target and much more. Click Website Payment Preferences in the Seller Preferences column. Scroll down to the Payment Data Transfer section of the page to view your PDT identity token.

Pay Pal's secure online system handles the user's payment method.

The payment gateway will post back to your portal's payment handler verifying a successful payment or possibly an error.

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