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The Prep: Dystopian Poison Far worse than the colonoscopy was the “prep.” And the really bad part of the prep was the drinking of the laxative.At 7pm the night before the colonoscopy, and again at in the morning, I had to drink 15 ounces — two cups — of the supposedly lemon-lime flavored magnesium citrate.Magnesium is one of the most common ingredients in calming supplements for horses. However, if your horse is not deficient in magnesium, it probably won’t help at all. Second, magnesium is involved in nervous system function and can help reduce hypersensitivity. Horses that are deficient in magnesium may have muscles spasms, tight muscles or exhibit anxiety and in cases where supplementation helps balance your horse’s diet, you can see a marked improvement.When it strikes, bones gradually lose density and become more porous.They break easier, and are proportionately harder to mend. Researchers now know that the bones of the body are continually "shedding" cells and being rebuilt.Prolonged stress can result in severe mineral deficiencies.For many years osteoporosis has been a mystery disease, striking most frequently in old age, often crippling and always bringing pain.

Nutritional balancing programs have helped many people with epilepsy and seizures even when medical tests have failed to detect an obvious cause for the seizures, and even when drug therapy has not worked at all.

(He gets top grades on several different doctor evaluation websites.) And overall, the discomfort was minimal, hitting maybe 3-max out of 10 on the pain-meter for seconds at a time here and there, and otherwise never going beyond 2 out of 10, comparable, perhaps, to a very mild cramp.

I’d much rather have another colonoscopy than an upset stomach.

Stimulation of the adrenal glands tend to increase the secretion of hormones that cause a loss of minerals.

Mineralocorticoids are a class of steroid hormones characterized by their influence on salt and water balances, which also has a relationship with calcium. When the stress response is ongoing other minerals can actually build up in the body, such as potassium, sodium and phosphorous.

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On days when I want to promote some additional relaxation (for example, at the beginning of hunt season when he’s very pumped), I will still add 1/4 cup of Epsom salts to his feed.

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